Optimising your gut health can have so many benefits and because everyone’s microbiome is so different, no two people will experience the same results when they first start to care of their gut. This challenge is based on my top 3 techniques that I use in clinic for helping clients with symptoms of bloating and tummy discomfort.

  1. Introducing a homemade fermented milk drink – kefir
  2. Supporting digestive function with bitter herbs or enzymes
  3. Removing the Foods that are causing symptoms

Below I have listed some of the potential benefits of drinking kefir (including some links to research papers that might explain why these improvements may occur.) Not everyone will experience all of these benefits, remember it depends on the individual’s gut environment before commencing…

  • Clearer skin 1
  • Reduced bloating 2
  • Improved blood glucose markers 3
  • Boost in mood 4
  • Increased energy 5 6
  • Improved immunity 7
  • Improved bone mineral density when taken longer term 8
  • Reduced PMS – possibly due to hormone regulatory effects of healthy gut flora 9
  • Reduction in cravings for sweet foods – possibly due to the changes in food preferences that occur in a microbiome shift 10
  • Better Sleep – yes you heard right your gut bacteria have the potential to influence neurotransmitter production and therefore may influence sleep 11
  • And although kefir is definitely not a treatment for auto immunity many people have described a reduction in general aches and pains around their body when they optimise their gut health! 12 13
  1. This is not a diet or weight loss plan, it’s simply a way to introduce daily healthy habits to support your gut health!
  2. I’ll post you out your FREE Kefir starter culture before the challenge begins!!
  3. You’ll also get a complimentary smoothie recipe book and step by step guidelines on the best way to use your kefir.
  4. Clear video guidelines and ebooks are provided.
  5. As a special bonus I’ll be including a sample of extra strong digestive enzymes to help anyone suffering from really stubborn bloating!
  6. Even though it’s not a diet I’ll include a link to some of my favourite gluten and wheat free bread recipes in case that’s might contributing to bloating!
  7. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: I am happy to refund anyone who feels that their gut health has not improved after the 21 days.  Just make sure you hold onto the packaging so you can return the kefir!

Any questions feel free to drop me an email on: info@niamhburkenutrition.com

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