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Ever wonder why the scales won’t budge no matter how hard we work out or eat healthy!??

Instead of losing weight it’s piling on around the middle… unamused_face

Is food giving you energy or are you feeling tired and craving sugar throughout the day???

We would all love the magic weight loss pill  but it’s not as simple as that…

For certain people their body loses metabolic flexibility as they get older and they simply STOP BURNING FAT! 

That’s exactly what happened to me!!

Many things can contribute to this… Age, Stress, Hormones, Excess Calories, Insulin Resistance…

But what can we do about it!??

Well that’s what this workshop is all about..! Smiley face


Venue: Bank of Ireland Workbench (previously Startlab) 19 Eyre Square, Galway

Date: Tuesday 10th of April 2018 7-8.30pm SOLD OUT

Looking after your mind

As part of the Nutritional Therapy Awareness Week from the 6th – 12th of November, I am running a Food for Mood workshop to help you understand how the food you eat can have a direct impact on your mood!!!  This workshop aims to educate you on the many things that can wrong in the body chemistry, that might be contributing to symptoms of low mood, irritability, mood swings, compulsive eating, PMS, insomnia and anxiety.  Many of these symptoms are treated with a one pill cures all… but what exactly is the root cause of the problem?  Can simply improving your diet and correcting nutritional deficiencies improve life quality and general wellbeing… The studies say yes!!

On the evening there’ll be 3 nutritional therapists, each speaking about a different area of mental health and wellbeing.  There’s also a very special guest speaker – Noreen Kiely, a qualified Life Coach, I.E.T. Energy Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Noreen will take you through practical strategies for reducing stress and anxiety.

Line up

Niamh from Niamh Burke Nutrition
Hormonal Havoc; How changes in hormones at different times in our lives can lead to changes in mood.

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Clodagh from Clodagh Thorisson Nutrition

The Gut Connection; Happy Gut, Happy Brain.



 – Break with drinks and light refreshments –


Maya Flynn from GLOW Health and Nutrition

Feed your Brain; The key ingredients for a good mood.



Special Guest Speaker: Noreen Kiely of New Beginnings

Strategies for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety.



Tickets are just a small contribution to help cover costs!

Womens wellness evening

I’m running this workshop to raise funds for my friend Mairead McDermott who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last August.  I want to help her reach her goal of €100,000 so that she can get life saving treatment over in Istanbul.  This specialised clinic combines metabolically supported chemotherapy alongside natural treatments, which dramatically improve chances of survival… but as you can only imagine this is not cheap!! Mairead is only 33 years old and has a beautiful 2 year old daughter and is determined to survive this!!  You can read more about her amazing healing journey on her blog: maireadmcwellness.wordpress.com or follow her progress on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maireadmcwellness/ 


This workshop is Free of charge what I would only ask is that you give what you can afford to the fund, every little bit is going to help her on this journey.  Once you’ve donated simply email on info@niamhburkenutrition.com or send me a Facebook message to tell me you’ve donated and I will book you a place!!  If you can’t make the workshop and still wanted to donate you can also do so on the link below X

Copy of Copy of Espresso Shot

Mairead Mc Wellness Fund


Fertility & PCOS Seminar

Learn easy-2

Fertility can be such a complex topic and often we leave it in the hands of the ‘experts’ without having a clue about what’s actually going on ourselves…  Often these experts are trained in manipulating the hormones using medicines or drugs and it’s rare that you’ll get complementary dietary advice… That’s why I’ve put this workshop together!  Your doctor or consultant simply isn’t going to have the time to sit down with you to explain all of this, so it’s important to educate yourself.

Food and lifestyle have a major influence over our hormones so it’s only natural that they can also impact fertility and that’s exactly what you’re going to learn during this workshop!

Tickets €25: Book Now

Venue: Amara Yoga and Wellbeing Unit 12, Westside Enterprise Park

Date: Wednesday 5th of April 2017 Sold Out

During this seminar you will learn: 

  • Simple steps you can implement straight away to boost your fertility naturally.
  • Understanding hormones – where does it all go wrong!?
  • Superfoods for fertility – foods that can help boost vital nutrients for egg quality and foetal development.
  • Foods to avoid – common supermarket foods that could be messing up your hormones and even your egg health!
  • Supplements – important supplements to boost egg health, balance hormones and what are the best prenatal supplements on the market.
  • Probiotics – how do they fit into a healthy pregnancy or fertility?
  • Exercise – what’s the best exercise to improve circulation to the reproductive organs plus what exercise can negatively impact your hormones!
  • Lifestyle tips – stress has a big impact on the female hormones and during the workshop I’ll discuss strategies for managing stress to balance hormones and support fertility.
  • Food tasting and mini food demo – there’ll be lots of delicious superfoods to taste on the evening and I’ll be demonstrating how to make a fertility smoothie!

Special Guest

I have invited a special guest on the evening, Chen Saat-Murphy who has a MSc in Personalised Nutrition, specialising in female hormones. Chen will talk you through your blood test results and will explain how they could be impacting your fertility. Please feel free to bring along your blood test results on the evening with a pen and paper if you want to take notes. It’s important to get your thyroid levels checked if you are experiencing fertility problems or difficulty losing weight.  I have included a full list of blood tests below that you can request from your doctor.  When checking the female hormones it’s important to check levels day 3 and again 7 days before your period begins.  For someone with a 28 day cycle, this is day 21 but it should be adjusted for those with a longer or shorter cycle.  I recommend the FREE App –  ‘Period Tracker’ to monitor when you’re ovulating.

Recommended Blood Tests:

Blood test button

Interested in finding out more info?

Interested in finding out more about my upcoming fertility programs or workshops then sign up here: Sign up


 Are your Gut Flora Sabotaging your Weight loss Efforts??

 Galway: Wednesday 5th of October 7.30-9pm

IMG_8498 copy


Is your gut flora sabotaging your weight loss efforts?   Did you know studies are now showing a direct link between your gut flora and obesity??

We’ve only recently begun to understand the extent of the gut’s role in human health and disease.  Studies are now indicating a direct link between your gut flora and obesity –> Faulty gut flora can actually promote weight loss resistance.  Diversity of gut microbes is key when it comes to a healthy gut and kefir is one of the most diverse of all the fermented foods containing anywhere from 40 – 60 different strains of microbes.  Plus it’s one of the easiest to make and a workshop is the perfect environment to give you the confidence to start making this amazing superfood yourself at home!!

If you’re struggling with weight loss and you’re interested in learning more about how probiotics can impact your metabolism and even your hormones you can join me for my workshop in Amara Yoga and Wellbeing on Wednesday the 5th of October.

On the night  I will demonstrate how to make your own flavoured probiotic drink using kefir.  As an extra bonus you’ll receive a FREE LIFE TIME SUPPLY OF KEFIR to take home with you on the evening to help you boost your beneficial flora levels!

Venue: Amara Yoga and Wellbeing Unit 12, Westside Enterprise Park

Wednesday 5th of October 7.30-9pm Sold Out


Adrenal Restore Workshop

Athlone: Saturday 2nd of July 2-4pm

I am delighted to announce my next workshop in “The Dancing Soul”, Athlone this Saturday!

This workshop is going to give you the tools to take control of your cortisol levels and restore adrenal function through lifestyle and nutritional measures.

Find out why cortisol is at the heart of weight loss resistance and hormonal dishevel in both thyroid and female hormone problems… and what exactly you can do about it!

Who will benefit from this workshop?

  • Anyone who suffers from stress, fatigue or overwhelm.
  • If you tend to hold weight around the tummy and can’t get rid of it even with exercise.
  • Anyone who suffers from female hormonal issues; infertility, PMS, low mood, difficulty losing weight, early menopausal symptoms (30s or 40s!)
  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with hypothyroid and especially those who haven’t felt the benefits from their medication.
  • If you are unsure if this workshop may benefit you, then simply download the Adrenal Questionnaire here to see if you are suffering from any of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Dates and Venue:

Athlone: The Dancing Soul, Monksland Business Park, Athlone

Saturday 2nd of July 2-4pm Sold Out



I am delighted to announce the date of my next workshop which will focus on dietary and supplement guidelines to improve sleep, reduce stress and rid yourself of sugar addiction.  If you’re the kind of person who has to scrape yourself out of bed in the morning or craves coffee and sugar to keep them going throughout the day then this workshop is for you!

Would you like to have energy all day long??

Sleep disturbance, Stress and Sugar Addiction:  What do all of these have in common!?
  • This workshop will teach you the tools to manipulate the stress hormone cortisol (which directly suppresses the sleep hormone) through dietary and supplementary measures!
  • It will explain the negative impact lack of sleep has on the metabolism and weight gain.
  • It will also explain the negative impact sugar has on the stress hormones, as well as sleep and weight gain around the tummy.
  • You’ll leave the workshop with clear strategies to help kick the sugar habit without stressful withdrawal symptoms.
  • If you’re feeling anxiety even thinking about sugar then this workshop is for you!

Venue: Amara Yoga and Wellbeing Unit 12, Westside Enterprise Park Tuesday 12th of April 7.30-9pm

       Price: €25 Sold Out

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